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As Promised - A SNOOD REVIEW [Jul. 14th, 2006|09:24 pm]

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A snood review....

Today the book is

Bet you're wondering how I got that book when it doesn't come out yet right? Connections... Loopie is very connected actually and NO Loopie is NOT Susan Taylor Brown - or related to her - as far as I know. So here's it is already...

A Snood Review -

HUGGING THE ROCK - by Susan Taylor Brown

Written in verse HUGGING THE ROCK portrays the story of Rachel - a young girl who has just been abandoned by her mother. Granted her father – whom her mother called ‘the rock’ – someone who always does the right thing - is still in the picture. He steps up to take care of Rachel but things aren’t the same. He's been abandoned by the mother too. At first to Rachel, her father is distant and she’s unable to read how he really feels about her mother leaving. She blames him for her mother’s departure –thinking maybe he was a bad husband or that he kicked her out. Then She blames herself - thinking maybe if she had been a better daughter her mother wouldn’t have left.

Slowly, as they learn to live without Mom, Rachel and her father become closer and Rachel learns some things she never knew: like how her mother was bi-polar and how she never wanted to be tied down with a husband or child in the first place.
The book leaves us with Rachel and her father alone and doing well without her mother and Rachel feeling her mother was right. Her father is a rock and rocks are good to have around.

Having someone close to me with a mental illness myself, I found the storyline of her mother being bi-polar and the descriptions of her mood-swings very true to fact. The reactions of Rachel and her dad were also right on the mark.

Susan Taylor Brown writes in strong verse - not adding anything that would drag down the story but at the same time showing us the entire story in a few words.

I did feel at times Rachel’s voice wasn’t as strong as other times, and in some parts it was hard to tell how old she was by the language she used. But overall she was a strong mc. I cried with her, laughed with her and cheered with her.

Reluctant readers will pick HUGGING THE ROCK because of the blank space involved with verse and the story and main character is strong enough to keep them reading.

A great read all in all. I really recommend this book to anyone over nine – especially those children dealing with either parental abandonment or a loved one with mental illnesses.

To pre-order it from amazon go here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/tags-on-product/1582461805/103-8580574-4581447?redirect=true